2021 Rental Car Rally Reveals Team Names, Counts Down to July 31 Lone Pine Race

(Los Angeles, CA / July 27, 2021) – It’s on! Rental Car Rally (RCR) returns to downtown Los Angeles this Saturday (July 31) at midnight to wreak high-octane havoc on the streets, back roads and tiny towns leading up to the finish line in Lone Pine, California.
The costumed scavenger hunt-style overnight road trip and food fight has assembled 65 teams so far, with 51 of them registering their hilarious team names (Daft Skunk, Cereal Killers!, Almost Middle Aged, Burning Man 2020 or Bust!, Kegs ‘n Eggs, Marcus & Amanda: A Retrospective, Pirates of Dark Asphalt, Santa’s Slay, The Long Road Gnome and The Rock Lobsters, to name a few) to the obvious delight of Rally organizers Pants, Mustache and Supreme.
“After a year off, it’s pretty clear that adventurous folks are ready to get back out on the road, embrace their pent-up insanity and push their driving skills to the limit with more than 250 of their closest friends,” said Pants, a.k.a. RCR co-founder Steve Bryant. “The checkpoints are in place, our costumes are on point, the briefcases are filled and the finish line party will be EPIC. Don’t forget extra eggs!”
Although the finish line is the end goal, the real fun is in the haphazard, breakneck journey across darkened back roads, dead-ends, unexpected obstacles and deserted checkpoint locations with the goal of reaching your destination with the least amount of mileage – with extra points for team popularity, costume & car originality and, of course, handsomeness.
RCR’s pre-party warm-up begins Friday night, July 30th at 10pm, with racing revelers set to take the Lone Pine finish line by 6pm. The winning team will receive a golden gas pump ‘trophy’ and $500 in loose change.
Want in? There is still time to register at RentalCarRally.com and getting up to speed on the Rental Car Rally Facebook page. Teams may change their names and descriptions until 5pm Friday afternoon.
To learn more, visit RentalCarRally.com.
Rental Car Rally is a ‘navigational and looking handsome’ challenge founded in 2008 by Franz Aliquo, aka ‘Supreme’, Steve Bryant, aka ‘Pants’ and Yutai Liao, aka ‘Mustache’. Each Rally follows the same format: midnight starting line, drive to checkpoints, maybe get kidnapped, definitely get hit by an egg, finish line. You win by hitting all the checkpoints in the least amount of distance while looking .
Scoring is on a 100-point scale – 50 for navigation and 50 for looking handsome. At the end of the rally, each team uses super-reliable mainframe scoring to vote for their favorite teams. The team with the most votes gets 50 points, with lower scores calculated on a sliding scale. The finish line is about 300 or so miles away and afterwards there’s a party. The winners receive a golden gas pump and $500 in loose change. Ready to roll? Visit RentalCarRally.com.

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