American Horrors Now Available to Stream on All Major Gaming Consoles


American Horrors is very proud to announce that our planned system upgrade has gone completely as planned with no glitches whatsoever. This upgrade not only has boosted system speed dramatically, which has also smoothed out our content stream making it stutter free, but also elevated the quality of the picture to match or exceed the competition. The most exciting aspect of the total system upgrade is that now American Horrors can be enjoyed on any gaming platform with a web browser. So no matter if you’re on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and others you can enjoy the 24 hours of sheer terror that is the American Horrors Channel.

“The American Horrors Film Festival looked amazing streaming over my PS4 this weekend.” said American Horrors owner Hart D. Fisher. “The picture quality was fantastic, the sound was over the top, I had American Horrors streaming via my Playstation almost all weekend long, the stream is far more stable on my game console than through my Roku. This is going to make a lot of horror hounds VERY happy!”

American Horrors has been streaming 24/7 since October 2nd, 2011, when it was originally launched on billionaire Alki David’s selection of online streaming services (in direct competition with the American central Hulu online streaming service), and has gone on to become the #1 American independent linear streaming horror channel, lead by legendary Horror King, Hart D. Fisher. Original programs Gorecast, Groovey TV, Horror Show and Mission Terror air Friday & Sunday nights.

The streaming American Horrors channel is available on Roku & for free online at and


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