Artist Makes Working Alien and Predator PEZ Dispensers



The inner mouths that Xenomorphs have? They just want to feed you PEZ!

Created by Eduard Haas III way back in 1927, the PEZ dispenser is one of the all time great toys. Why? Because they’re not only fun to play with, but they give you delicious candies while you play with them! Countless different dispensers based on pop culture icons have been released over the years, but aside from the Universal Monsters, we’ve never gotten horror movie dispensers.

That’s okay though, because creative horror fans make everything better.

There’s a toy customizer out there by the name of Sgt. Pez, and as his name suggests, he specializes in PEZ dispensers that are fully functional and surprisingly affordable. For just $30, you can get your own Alien or Predator dispenser, and Sgt. Pez even takes custom commissions – he’s recently made a handful of Xeno dispensers based on the Kenner toy line from the ’90s!

Be sure to go toand  grab one in the Sgt. Pez Etsy shop!


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