Beginning Today, NECA’s Horror Toys Are Now Being Stocked at Target Stores Nationwide!



This year’s death of Toys R Us was sad for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that Toys R Us was the #1 place to pick up all of NECA‘s awesome horror toys. In their “for adults” section, Toys R Us stocked a plethora of NECA products, and I already miss being able to hit up my local store to check out their latest stuff. But have no fear, because Target is stepping in!

It would seem that Target is looking to fill the Toys R Us sized hole in the toy marketplace by beefing up their own toy selection, and beginning today, stores across the country are being outfitted with brand new NECA displays! The company notes that selections will vary by location and space allocation, with some stores getting larger selections than others.

Over on Twitter today, NECA fans have been showing off the displays at their local Target stores, which right now are stocked with various Freddy, Jason and Chucky figures.

Rest in Peace, Toys R Us. Long live Target!


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