Beverly Hills Lizard People – Now in Development by Cthulhu Crush Productions.



AFM: Cthulhu Crush Productions have announced development on new horror-comedy BEVERLY HILLS LIZARD PEOPLE, with filming to begin in the New Year. Produced by the shingle’s Jody Wheeler and Steve Parker, whose upcoming horror feature WTF! will be released shortly, it’s inspired by the legend that Lizard People live under the ground in Los Angeles (as reported in the papers in 1944!)… not to mention rule the world!

Fashioned in a similar tone to Slither and Scream, BEVERLY HILLS LIZARD PEOPLE will tell of an ancient race of shape-shifting Lizard People from the depths of the Earth who return to the surface to reclaim what was once theirs: Beverly Hills.

Project is scripted by Wheeler.

Official Synopsis: Disturbed from their ancient slumber by the excavation of a cross-town subway, the ancient reptilian masters of a faded empire strike out to reclaim what was once theirs: Beverly Hills. Ground zero for their invasion? A once popular, though now faded, hotel, currently the site of a reality TV cooking show competition, and directly overhead of their secret city. Can the collection of unlikely contestants — ambitious, backstabbing, and determined — stop the shape-shifting Terrors From Below below before the reptilian ravagers achieve their goal of conquering first Beverly Hills and then the world?

Jody Wheeler (CEO & Creative Partner) –  Jody Wheeler is an award-winning creative, based in Los Angeles. He is the writer-producer-director of the 2014 mystery-thriller THE DARK PLACE, the writer of HEAT WAVE, the producer JUDAS KISS and the forthcoming WTF!. He wrote for the groundbreaking TV series “Inside / Outside The Beltway.” His short film “In The Closet” was nominated for the 2008 IRIS Prize. He’s a graduate of the UCLA MFA Screenwriting program.

Steve Parker (CFO & Creative Partner) – Steve Parker is an award-winning editor and executive producer, based in San Francisco. He directed, shot and edited the music video of Tom Robinson’s “Loved By You”, produced the shorts “Begging for Change”, and “Barbie Boy,” and the feature films JUDAS KISS, THE DARK PLACE, and the forthcoming WTF!. He recently directed the short “Love, Colin”, set to premiere in 2016.


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