Bruce Dickinson: Music is more powerful than any political slogan


Bruce Dickinson said that he believes music is “far more powerful than any political slogan”.

Speaking to Metal Hammer writer Dom Lawson in the below video, the Iron Maiden frontman shares his thoughts on the power of music.

Believing it’s “daft” when musicians start to preach to fans about “the blindingly obvious,” he believes it’s the emotional power of music that sticks with fans for the rest of their lives.

Citing examples of being at school, and remembering the emotions of being hit with a ruler or lusting after the girl in the second row, Bruce says that music has the power to take “people right to the state they were in when they heard the music and that’s far more powerful than any political slogan or anything like that.

“If you want to preach to people either be a preacher or be a politician.”


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