Treats Fans to Exclusive VIXEN Angel Photo Shoot with Greg Lansky

World-famous brand VIXEN and its creative director Greg Lansky are profiled in a new video, ‘I Spent the Day with an Adult Entertainment Company’.
Buzzfeed’s Aria Inthavong takes viewers on an exclusive tour of the high-end erotica studio on the day of Nicole Aniston’s VIXEN Angel announcement and official photo shoot with the celebrated filmmaker.
VIXEN Angel Abigail Mac first introduces the Buzzfeed reporter to the imposing wall of industry awards, and a peek at one of the star’s award-winning scenes. “It was like I was watching a Terrence Malick film,” says Inthavong in amazement, “although I actually knew what was going on.”
Greg Lansky then invites Inthavong to join in the celebration as he announces Nicole Aniston as the company’s VIXEN Angel to begin 2018. “I created this title, this crown in order to celebrate the women of the adult industry in a light that is not often the case,” he tells the reporter. “Today it is all about her.”
VIXEN Angel Kendra Sunderland is also interviewed about her experience with VIXEN.   “Shooting with Greg, it’s more than just a job…it’s like being a part of a project that’s way bigger than that. I’m really glad that he advocates for us in what we do is art… it’s great to have him remind us that we are artists in what we do.”
“We want to celebrate the women of the adult industry and show a powerful image, so it’s boxing, it’s coming out of a helicopter, it’s all kinds of fun themes… we want to stop the preconceived notion that anything adult is cheap… it can be creative, it can be artistic. We define what we do.”
“When people look at us, they see that, ‘Wow, these people put in a lot of effort, a lot of money, a lot of means just to get fantastic shots’, because that’s what we’re about. We like to do thingsgrand.
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