Celebrating the Fearless Man, Single Moms Planet and J. Oran Holiday Party and Toy Drive in the Hollywood Hills



Lifestyle and success coaches Brian Begin and Dave Stultz hosted a blowout holiday bash in Hollywood to celebrate Fearless, and bring together the men and women who have helped grow the company.

The party, held at a private estate in the Hollywood Hills, brought out the stars and tastemakers of the entertainment industry who posed on the red carpet, soaked in the residence’s hilltop ambience, held court at the open bar and munched on appetizers from famed LA Chef Brik, who catered the event.

“Seeing so many successful clients who have put so much hard work in to changing their lives, laughing, and connecting with beautiful women, all in one room, was a huge step in seeing a big personal vision come together,” said Begin, noting that many Fearless men from around the world came out to be a part of the celebration.

The online community members of the new website, whom Begin and Stultz call the Fearless Brotherhood, have created a supportive bond with each other in their quest for personal success, and the Fearless founders’ holiday party was a first encouraging step in solidifying that bond.

“I know the personal hell some of these men have been through,” said Stultz, “and to stand next to them at an exclusive event like this makes me proud of our work and their trust in us to guide them to excellence.”

For more information, visit www.thefearlessman.com.


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