Check out Dominic Haxton’s short foilm “Tonight It’s You”



If I went to meet a stranger off a hook-up app for sex and found myself in a dilapidated farm house in the middle of the woods with Satanic symbols painted on the walls, then I would leave. Plain and simple, I would leave… The main character in Tonight It’s You obviously doesn’t share the same thought processes and that’s why he finds himself in a load (see what I did there?) of trouble one lonely night. Getting laid isn’t worth your life, people!

Not trying to sound like a PSA and all, but Tonight It’s You does a great job at highlighting an issue for young people all around the world. One of the least intelligent things you can do is meet a stranger off the computer or your smart phone without any caution. Meet them in a coffee shop or at a movie theater, someplace public. Not some creepy farm house in the middle of the woods!

I love when horror films mix with real life horror, though.

Tonight It’s You is written by David Davin and directed by Dominic Haxton. Cast members include Jake Robbins, Ian Lerch, George Alvarez, Roy Allen and Ellie Schwartz.

Check it out below!


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