Check out new Ghostbusters trailer


Sony Pictures has just revealed the first full Ghostbusters trailer! In the player above, you can take a look at Paul Feig’s new take on the franchise!

 “You can see it just in the two-and-a-half minutes,” said producer and original Ghostbusters helmer Ivan Reitman during a Q&A that followed the Ghostbusters trailer debut. “There’s something really special about these four together that makes this become what was so lovely about the first movie.”

“It was really important for us to capture the hearts of what we loved so much about the original,” added screenwriter Katie Dippold “That was the most important thing. But there was also a call to bring something new so that it didn’t feel like just another reboot.”

“I really have such a love for this property,” said director and co-writer Paul Feig, “and what I really wanted to do was to bring it for a new generation. To give a new generation their own team… I get pictures of young girls making the new Ghostbusters costume and putting it on and it really chokes me up. I just love the idea that a new generation is going to have their own [team] that they love as much as the original guys. It’s sheer love for the property that we did this… This is such an amazing franchise that had two amazing movies, but it could just keep going. There’s so many things you could do with it. It seemed terrible to just leave it in a box.”


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