Checkout the Trailer for New Virtual Cabin in ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’


The new experience is coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC at no additional cost.

For Kickstarter backers, the so-called Virtual Cabin was the first chance to really experience what was (at the time) coming soon from Friday the 13th: The Game. It allowed you to explore one of the cabins from the game, giving you a feel for what you should expect from it.

Coming soon, Virtual Cabin 2.0 will expand upon that experience, as Gun Media has “gone back to the drawing board and completely revamped it.”

They explain…

“We redid the entire layout of the VC, made it bigger, with more puzzles, easter eggs and props from both the films and the game. VC 2.0 still has an F13 museum aspect to it, but there’s something deeper, beneath the surface if you wish to dig around. We liken this experience to a certain crazy good/fun horror demo that got canceled. However we’re doing our own thing, wrapped in Friday the 13th, and we think it’s pretty cool. The whole experience is in 1st person and has some jump scares that you twisted people love so much.

If you purchased the original VC, you will still have access to that via steam. But VC 2.0 will be accessible by all three platforms (PC, XB1 and PS4) from the main menu of the game. It will be within the Singleplayer section of the menu.”

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