Christopher Lee-Hosted Series “100 Years of Horror” Getting New DVD Release


Hosted by the late Christopher Lee, 100 Years of Horror was the first show of its kind ever produced, chronicling the history of movie horror from the earliest experimental chillers through the unforgettable golden age of movie monsters, and on through more modern fright films.

The series, which aired in 1996, is coming home once more via Mill Creek!

26 episodes, running 30-minutes each, make up “the most comprehensive series dedicated to classic horror films ever produced,” including clips, interviews, photos and more. The episodes cover topics such as “Dracula and His Disciples,” “Werewolves,” “Scream Queens,” “Gory Gimmicks,” “Zombies” and “Man-Made Monsters.”

Mill Creek releases the 3-disc set on DVD + Digital on February 6, 2018.

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