Come Face to Face with an ‘Arbor Demon’ This February!


I was thinking about this film the other day, wondering when it was going to be released to the masses. What a coincidence!

Last night, award-winning writer/director Patrick Rea announced that his latest feature film Arbor Demon – formerly titled Enclosure – has been picked up for distribution following a successful film festival run. Arbor Demon will now see a video on demand release via Gravitas Ventures on February 3, 2017. It will also see a limited theatrical release in the coming weeks.

A film I called, “a representation of our most primal fears,” Arbor Demon follows a young couple enjoying a quite weekend of camping in the wilderness. They both have agendas for this trip, secrets they need to get off their chest, but gunshots in the middle of the night ruin their time of calm and preparation. Something is in the woods. Something is just outside their tent. And it’s bloodthirsty and vengeful.

Fiona Dourif (Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky), Kevin Ryan (“Copper,” “Guilt”) and Jake Busey (“From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series”) star in this emotional, psychological horror film.

Patrick Rea is known for his previous feature Nailbiter and shorts including Now That You’re Dead, Hell Week, Pillow Fright and Howl of a Good Time.



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