Corey Taylor: I’ve come so close to walking away from Slipknot


Corey Taylor says he’s come close to walking away from Slipknot in the past.

The vocalist was in conversation with Kerrang Radio recently when he spoke about the band’s 25-year career and their drive to continue.

Taylor says: “We recognise that it takes work to be in this band and when we’re all going for it, there’s an appreciation that maybe before we felt we couldn’t show and the more that we all show that the better it feels as a brotherhood.

“There have been moments where I’ve come so close to walking away from this and I’m really glad that I didn’t to be honest. The payoff has been fantastic, especially now that we’re in this really great place and we are performing at a level that is still top notch.

“And writing music that is still really good and connecting with a whole new generation, which is insane. I don’t think we could have done it with anybody else.”

In 2016, Taylor revealed that Slipknot almost split after their first album as a “fuck you” to the music industry – and it’s a point he reiterates.

He says: “When we really exploded, we had serious talks about breaking up and pulling a Sex Pistols and put a massive album out and then say, ‘Screw you, we’re outta here!’”

“Those were real conversations. I feel like we’ve failed everyone by making Iowa! It was such a great thing to think about. None of this success was expected. On paper we shouldn’t have made it and yet here we are. It’s a weird feeling still.”

Slipknot are currently on tour across Europe in support of their 2019 album We Are Not Your Kind.

Their next show will take place in Milan later tonight (February 11), with the run coming to and end in Helsinki on February 24.

As 2020 moves on, the band will visit Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines, before their Knotfest Roadshow tour across North America throughout May and June with A Day To RememberUnderoath and Code Orange.

Slipknot will return to Europe over the summer for Knotfest UK at The National Bowl in Milton Keynes and Knotfest At Sea.


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