Offers Affiliates New Personalized Page Theming Feature

Custom video portal now allows all affiliates the ability to theme their entire Customs4U site, to which they can direct traffic with their own branding. With this updated offering, the innovative site now adds even more personalized options to all affiliate marketers, to further assist with their promotional efforts.
Affiliates will now be able to theme their Customs4U site for traffic click-through, so the Customs4U site has each affiliate’s branding front and center. This means affiliates will be able to keep branding and keep traffic circulating back to their personalized affiliate setup, as if the Customs4U affiliate pages are part of their main site.
“Through Customs4U, we offer models and fans a truly unique way to request, produce, and buy / sell adult content that is completely personalized,” says founder and CEO Tim Stokely. “In much the same way, we offer a customizable model for all of our affiliate marketers. We started by allowing our affiliate partners to select their own markup. By expanding the entire idea of ‘customization’ to now allow branded skins for each affiliate, Customs4U truly puts our marketers in the driver’s seat.”
Keeping in line with its approach to provide models and fans the opportunity to enjoy truly personalized content, Customs4U also allows each marketer to come up with his or her own markup on all sales generated in addition to personalized site skins.
Those who sign up for Custom4U’s affiliate program, which is free to set up, are permitted to select the percentage markup of their choosing, which then is translated to the customer when they place their custom video order. This markup is also open to modification throughout the affiliate marketer’s membership in the program, thus allowing webmasters to tweak and experiment with a markup, which works best for their traffic and customer base. The model does not see the markup on her end, nor does she see a reduction in the rate she offers to her fans for personalized video clips.
Custom4U’s affiliate cookies are extremely sticky; once a customer logs into our site through an affiliate link, their reference code remains even if the customer leaves the site and returns weeks, or even months, later. The only way the reference link can be deleted is through a clearing of a browser cache, ensuring the affiliate partner’s hard work is rewarded again and again.
To sign up for the affiliate program, visit
Affiliates are allowed to specifically promote white-label Customs4U sites, should they choose to promote contract performers from studios and rosters from talent agencies rather than the entire Customs4U roster.
“We maintain solid partnerships with our white label agency and studio sites; affiliates have the option of strategically promoting those sites, or to feature every single model we currently have on Customs4U. They also have the option of doing both, as part of their overall R&D,” adds Stokely. “Currently, we feature a total of over 750 performers. With the average single customer sale on our site at $185.00 each, we are confident affiliate marketers will enjoy promoting Customs4U as part of their overall plan – now, without anyone knowing they have ever left their main site.”
Customs4U’s current white label partnerships include LA Direct ModelsATMLA,Studio66TVBabeStationTV, and OC Modeling. Performers on partner rosters are now able to provide customized videos for fans through the partner’s website portal. Over 200 American porn stars are currently available on thanks to increased studio and agency support due to growing revenue. Mark Schechter, owner of Adult Talent Managers, says, “I was immediately impressed with the overall business model and technology [Customs4U] developed. We have since seen a tremendous response and financial benefit to the performers [who sell] custom videos directly to their fan base. Generating additional revenue streams and keeping their fans engaged, ultimately leads to additional revenue streams directly and indirectly for each performer. It’s a WIN/WIN/WIN for the entire industry.” is the premier made-to-order video clip site, offering a new revenue stream for performers, as well as talent agencies and studios with contract stars. The site has drawn significant attention from models seeking alternate and new millennium income for their performances; to date, over 750 models have created profiles on the innovative site and have started to film personalized videos for fans. Scene themes cover a range from a wide variety of erotic fantasies including, but not limited to: ass-worship, ball busting, cuckoldry, foot fetish, small penis humiliation, smoking, up-skirt, hardcore, solo masturbation, toy play, and more. Models are able to set their own prices, limits, and types of scenes available through individualized profiles.
Performers and models are invited to sign up and start offering custom video capabilities to their fans through Customs4U by clicking here. Fans interested in ordering personalized clips may sign up here to get started.
Customs4U offers white label versions of its innovative site to select partners. Talent, agents, and studios interested in adding this upgrade to their websites are invited to contact more information and assistance.

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