‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Would’ve Had Sharks with Weapons Attached!


Some movies are just too good for this world.

Both Deep Blue Sea and Lake Placid were released in 1999, which essentially makes 1999 the year that the Syfy network owes everything to. Those two movies paved the way for everything Syfy has been doing the last couple decades, and they did it better than Syfy could ever dream. But despite Lake Placid getting a bunch of sequels, Deep Blue Sea sadly didn’t get a single one.

Was Deep Blue Sea 2 ever planned? Yes, actually!

Speaking with Michael Gingold for Birth Movies Death, director Jack Perez just revealed that he was approached to direct the follow-up in the wake of his Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus being released. The film, an indirect sequel to Renny Harlin’s supremely entertaining 1999 flick, was to be produced for the Warner Premiere label, and Perez had a pretty crazy idea for it.

He recalled the pitch that won him the job back in ’09:

What they were interested in was keeping the theme of shark experimentation. The script is about this scientific research ship that is seized by Somali pirates, and a team of Navy SEALs have to go in and take them out. The whole ship is basically a gigantic floating laboratory, with a maze of tunnels that the sharks can travel through that open up into tanks. My thinking was that this was Sgt. Rock vs. sharks, so I developed this platoon kind of based on my favorite Sgt. Rock characters. To a certain degree, it was similar to what they did in Predator; there were definitely echoes of that sort of motley group.

Perez also noted that his sharks were going to have machine guns and other weapons surgically attached to them, and that he envisioned the film to be more serious than it sounds:

On paper, it seems absolutely comical, but my intention was to make these sharks Frankenstein-style mutations that were tragic and violent. With the exception of the quipping between the soldiers, it wasn’t going to be played for humor.

Unfortunately, Warner Premiere pulled the plug before casting was set to begin. You can read the whole chat with Perez over on Birth Movies Death to learn more about the failed project.

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