DirecTV Releases Supernatural Thriller ‘American Conjuring.’


Joshua K. Carpenter, Head of Global Acquisition & Sales of Green Apple Entertainment today announced the release of the haunting, supernatural thriller American Conjuring with DirecTV. Created by Moviehouse Pictures and GrounDead Productions, the film was directed by Dan Walton and co-directed by Dan Zachary, written by Ken King and Dan Walton, produced by Dan Walton.

Synopsis: “A young family who moves into a home with a dark and tragic history they are unaware that it used to be an orphanage and now houses the tormented spirit of a woman named Hester Corbett who killed herself in the basement. But upon their first night of moving into the home, the family soon realizes that something supernatural might be afoot.”

Starring: Darren Matheson, Lynn Csontos, Mackenzie Mowat, Chloe Bear, Natasha Davidson, Deborah Finkel

Carpenter stated: “Our continued commitment to providing quality, independent entertainment progresses daily by acquiring good content and by securing placement in the marketplace. We’re pleased to make this film available to DirecTV consumers.

Review Quotes:

“…carved out macabre imagery galore, one hell of a chilling ‘monster’ … a killer ending that you won’t see coming!” – John Fallon,
“…a buffet of haunting imagery reminiscent of horror classic like Amityville Horror and The Shining” – Luke Franklin,
“…bursting with a dread-filled atmosphere and the monster at the heart of the haunting looks impressively petrifying.” – Jessy Williams, Scream Horror Magazine


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