The anonymous claim was made against the drummer online and is said to date back to more than 10 years ago.

Fuentes says he’s decided to take a break as he doesn’t want “to negatively affect the reputation or future of the band, or to break the bond and trust that we have created with our fans over the years.”

As a result, Pierce The Veil will no longer be going on their planned UK tour with All Time Low.

Fuentes has issued a statement which reads: “I’m of course aware of the allegation made about me from almost 10 years ago, and I cannot begin to describe how difficult and disturbing this entire situation has been for everyone involved.

“I do not take this allegation lightly and would never downplay it. I have empathy for any human being who has experienced abuse or mistreatment in their lives, and I am inspired to see so many come forward and speak out about it.

“No one should have to suffer in silence, and I am thankful that the world is finally starting to listen. I also want to assure you that I have never intentionally manipulated or abused anyone in my life. That is not the person I am, how I was raised, or the type of behavior that I condone.

“I strongly believe in the empowerment of abuse victims, so if I have ever made anyone feel like they are less than equal, I am sincerely sorry.”