Face Off Returns to SyFy with All-Star Season on January 24th!



Syfy’s biggest success story and most popular television series, “Face Off,” is finally returning! It makes its big comeback on January 24, 2017 with a special All-Star season which will see returning personalities competing for the grand prize. Season 11 is sure to be one of the most competitive seasons ever, so make sure you tune in!

As with previous years, Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page will serve as the judging panel. McKenzie Westmore will serve as hostess with Michael Westmore as the contestant’s studio mentor.

Here’s the list of returning cast members for the upcoming season of “Face Off.”

Gage Hubbard – Season 1, 2nd Place
Tyler Green – Season 6, 3rd Place
Niko Gonzalez – Season 6, 4th Place
Cat Paschen – Season 6, 9th Place
Cig Neutron – Season 7, 2nd Place
George Troester – Season 7, 4th Place
Stella Sensel – Season 7, 5th Place
Rachael Wagner – Season 7, 7th Place
Keaghlan Ashley – Season 7, 9th Place
Emily Serpico – Season 8, 2nd Place
Logan Long – Season 8, 3rd Place
Adam Milicevic – Season 8, 5th Place
Ben Ploughman – Season 9, 2nd Place
Evan Hedges – Season 9, 3rd Place
Jasmine Ringo – Season 9, 9th Place
Melissa Ebbe – Season 10, 2nd Place

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