‘Fall Guys’ Gets Invaded by ‘DOOM’ Costumes Next Week

 Bethesda is about to let the Doomslayer rip and tear into Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys. The official announcement has costumes based on DOOM arriving on January 12th for the popular Battle Royale game.

Not only will players be able to suit up as the Doomslayer, but cute-ified versions of the Cyberdemon and Cacodemon. To top it off, the new reveal trailer takes the lighthearted gameplay of Fall Guys, and turns it appropriately dark.

Well, as dark as you can get without chainsaws, shotguns, and viscera.

It’s not clear yet just how many crowns players will have to earn in order to unlock the costumes, or how long exactly Doomslayer and company will be around, but if you need a break from ripping and tearing, this is a nice (well, sort of) alternative.

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