FEARLESS Success Coach Brian Begin Explores How Men’s Discomfort Hinders the Process of Meeting Women

Brian Begin, success coach and co-founder of thefearlessman.com, has written a short but powerful blog post on the motivations and mindsets of men who are uncomfortable with the prospect of approaching women.
In Begin’s new post, ‘When You Approach Women, Do You Actually Enjoy It?,’ the FEARLESS instructor recounts a story of a student who, despite staying consistent with his practices, wasn’t developing personal self-assurance as fast as expected when approaching women in public.
Begin quickly realized that the student was only doing the exercises out of a feeling of ‘having to’, and wasn’t actually enjoying the process of meeting women or working on his confidence. The FEARLESS instructor explained that many men working on their confidence and conversational skills with women run into this particular problem.
“Lots of guys are so bound up around talking to women that even if they actually get out there and practice, they’re coming from this heavy place of feeling like they have to do it, but they hate the process and all the vulnerability of facing rejection and their insecurities,” said Begin.
“How can you expect to connect with women with any reliability if you’re hating it and dreading it? It’s important for men to become aware of where they’re coming from and start learning to enjoy meeting women and the process of learning from rejection and growing your confidence.”
FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz agrees with Begin’s focus on the ‘have to’ mentality, which tends to stunt the personal growth of otherwise successful, well-rounded men.
“I watch some of these guys get all serious and heavy about going up and talking to women, and that’s not going to work. Women tend to be much more emotionally attuned and sensitive than men, so if you’re hating talking to them, they’re going to feel that, or just not be interested in you.
Stultz reminds men to simply appreciate the moment rather than fear it: “You’re talking to a beautiful woman – enjoy her just beingin front of you and connecting with her! That goes a long way. And as we always say, fear can be fun. Can you learn to enjoy feeling afraid or nervous as a feeling of being alive and growing?”
For more information about becoming FEARLESS with Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, visit www.thefearlessman.com.

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