Ferris Loves “American Horror Story”: Ryan Murphy Says the Universe is Expanding

FX’s hugely popular “American Horror Story” franchise will premiere not only its tenth season – “American Horror Story: Double Feature” – this year but also a spinoff anthology series, which is titled “American Horror Stories.” And creator Ryan Murphy has taken to Twitter today to tease that “AHS” universe expansion, asking a question that has certainly piqued interest.

“The American Horror Story universe is expanding,” Murphy wrote on both Twitter and Instagram. “Comment on which STORY you would like to see the most,” Murphy added, attaching a graphic featuring themes like “Aliens,” “Xmas Horror,” “Piggy Man” and “Sirens.”

The tweet includes the hashtag “AHSDoubleFeature,” suggesting this has something to do with the recently named tenth season rather than the “American Horror Stories” anthology series. We had previously been promised two different horror stories from Season 10 – one taking place on land and the other at sea – but we don’t yet know the themes of those stories.

Could this have something to do with that mystery?

Find the tweet below and be sure to weigh in…

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