First Look At ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Haunt’ Statue, ‘RoboCop’ Variants & ‘Universal Monsters!


It’s toy madness that begins with your first ever look at the second season of McFarlane Toys’ “The Walking Dead” line, courtesy of BigBadToyStore. In stores this October, the set of 5 included: Shane Walsh, Rick Grimes 2, Bicycle Girl Zombie, Well Zombie and RV Zombie from the hit AMC series.

Via comes Diamond Select Toys’ annual tradition of delivering fans 7-inch figures of their favorite Universal Monsters continues this year with an all-new assortment: Series 3. At comic shops and specialty stores (figures pictured below), horror fans will be able to pick up the Metaluna Mutant from 1955′s This Island Earth. With his bulging brain and claws, he conveys all the menace of the movie creature, and he even comes with the Interocitor, the device that allows humans to contact the Metalunans. Alongside the Metaluna Mutant will be the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (1925), complete with his full-sized organ, which he plays in the catacombs of the opera house. Toys “R” Us will get their own exclusive figure in the Invisible Man, from the 1933 film of the same name. Jack Griffin is depicted with his goggles and false nose, and comes with a small display base. Toys “R” Us will also get a variation on the Phantom, one that wears a coat and mask, and comes with a violin and music stand instead of the organ.

Also from Figures comes a first look at NECA’s new RoboCop variant. Featuring battle damage as seen after his epic fight with ED-209, this new RoboCop figure from NECA comes pitted, scarred and bruised, unlike the pristine original released earlier this year. Like the first RoboCop, this version includes tons of amazing articulation points, including a ball-jointed head, shoulders, thighs, even two joints in his torso (swivel waist and a rocker in the chest)! Packing his faithfully scaled Auto 9 machine pistol, RoboCop also includes an alternate Data Spike hand for accessing important information or simply putting down the bad guys. Also in May, ActionFigureInsider has posted an exclusive first look at a new RoboCop action figure from NECA: Night Fighter Robocop. The figure, which is a homage to the old Kenner RoboCop line from the ’80s, will feature glow-in-the-dark deco. Look for it exclusively at Toys”R”Us this summer.

Lastly, the comic book creation of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman – Haunt – will be the subject of a new resin statue from McFarlane Toys. Full details to be announced soon, but until then enjoy a sneak peek at the sculpture below, courtesy of

story:  MrDisgusting


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