Fortnite Gets Fortnaughty…

Grab your joystick and jiggle those treasure chests!  The hottest online game is about to get battle royal-ly screwed! Woodrocket and Pornhub present the Fortnite porn parody, Fortnut.
Fortnut premieres Friday, July 27th exclusively on WoodRocket and Pornhub for free.
Pornhub Premium will offer the Longer & Fortnuttier Extended Version, featuring an extra ten minutes of porn parody.
Experience the world of gaming in a ‘hole’ new way! Join your favorite Fornite parody characters like Bone Trooper & Testiclehead, while they fly and fight and so many more F-Words in Fortnut!
Starring April O’Neil, Tommy Pistol, Missy Martinez, Paddy O’Gasm, and Seth’s Beard, Fortnut was written by April O’Neil, directed by Vuko, and produced by Lee Roy Myers and Honey Myers.
Watch the SFW trailer of Fortnut on YouTube at
and WoodRocket.
Check out Fortnut on and Pornhub.
The Fortnuttier Extended Version is available exclusively at

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