Foxy Shazam set release date/release promo video for The Heart Behead You with “I’m In Love” vignette


The Heart Behead You Tracklist:
1. I’m In Love
2. Heart
3. Only Love
4. Fall Into the Night
5. Kingdom Come
6. Dancing with My Demons
7. Nothing to Lose
6. Love Rush Ecstacy
9. Love Like This
Album out February 14th, 2022 on EEEOOOAH

Today, innovative rock n’ roll ensemble Foxy Shazam shared their new song “I’m In Love”, to announce their upcoming record, The Heart Behead You. Album opener “I’m In Love” clocks in at just over one minute of raucous, joyously effervescent rock – the kind of tune that only Foxy could get stuck in your head without crossing the 90-second mark. The vocals are soaring and theatrical, underpinned by a powerful performance from the band through a symphony of horns, guitars, and drums that add emphasis to the triumphant themes of the track.

Set for release on February 14th, 2022 (Valentine’s Day for the less informed) through the band’s own label, EEEOOOAH, The Heart Behead You marks Foxy Shazam’s seventh full-length album. The nine songs on the record each tell a journey through the highs and lows of love, both in a relationship and with oneself. The majority of the album was self-recorded at multi-use space The LodgeKY, just outside their hometown of Cincinnati, OH, where the band built a studio on a stage to track the songs live, with additional production and mixing from James Sáez.

Diving into the theme of the album, the band stated:

“The title of the album ‘The Heart Behead You’ is our way of saying let your heart be the guide. As artists there’s always a danger of overthinking what you’re feeling so we choose to put the heart before the head.”

You can watch the vignette for “I’m In Love” here now and pre-order The Heart Behead You here.

Foxy Shazam is: Eric Nally (vocals) / Sky White (piano) / Teddy Aitkins (drums/vocals) / Alex Nauth (horns) / Devin Willams (guitar) / Trigger Warning (bass)


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