Gene Simmons All Star Band Performs “Sympathy for the Devil” with Gilby Clarke


Former Guns and Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke  performs Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil”  with Gene Simmons and All Star Band at the opening Night of ROCKTOBERFEST 2012, hosted by Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck, If you live in Los Angeles, be sure to stop by ROCKTOBERFEST this week, for more info, go to their website:  Follow him on Twitter@gilbyclarke.. Check out his website:    For more info on Gene Simmons, follow him on Twitter@genesimmons, his web site: For all things Kiss, go to:  Follow Wolf Gang Ruck on twitter@WolfgangBuzz, his website is: . Please help anyway you can with the Wounded Warriors Project, their site is:   . Be sure to check out all our reports from this special event, search keyword: ROCKTOBERFEST


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