Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace: “LOCKOUT” Punch

The prison break-in subgenre goes into orbit in LOCKOUT, the latest production from one-man action factory Luc Besson. For this film, the feature directorial debut of Irish filmmakers James Mather and Stephen St. Leger (who also scripted with Besson), a pair of leads were chosen with plenty of experience in screen survival: Australian actor Guy Pearce and LOST star Maggie Grace, who spoke together to Fango about their LOCKOUT roles.

Pearce, whose long résumé includes L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, MEMENTO, RAVENOUS, THE PROPOSITION, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK and Ridley Scott’s upcoming PROMETHEUS, plays Snow, a former government agent framed for murder who’s on his way to MS One, a space prison revolving around the Earth where 500 vicious criminals are imprisoned in stasis. When a mutiny breaks out and the thugs take a visiting humanitarian party hostage, including Emilie Warnock (Grace, who has experience with such a situation from the Besson-produced TAKEN), the daughter of the President, Snow is given an offer he can’t refuse: inflitrate the place, rescue Emilie and win his freedom. (Any resemblance to the John Carpenter/Kurt Russell ESCAPE films is, no doubt, a matter of homage.) The ensuing scenario gave Pearce the opportunity to try on the role of cynical antihero, and Grace the chance to take a little more charge and engage in more action than in her previous Besson movie.



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