Harriet Sugarcookie Profiled in New UNILAD Interview

British porn upstart Harriet Sugarcookie is profiled in a just-released interview with UNILAD, “The Anti-Pornstar”, now available on YouTube.
In the 12-½ minute clip, Sugarcookie walks along the banks of Budapest’s Danube River, discussing her solitary and itinerant childhood (“I don’t think I was very approachable”) and love of comic books (“I’m really happy that people love comic books, but it wasn’t cool when I was at school; I really wish it was, because I might have had friends then!”)
Sugarcookie is certainly the popular girl now, thanks to her provocative men’s lifestyle site Sugarcookie.com, where she writes her own articles and produces her own original adult content for her 300,000+ online visitors each month.
“I think we’d just sort of did it for a laugh, almost… and then it kind of got really popular… and I guess it just exploded from there. If you had asked me… oh, do you think you’re going to be running one of the UK’s biggest independent porn sites, I’d be like, ‘Oh, get out of here!’… it kind of snowballed in that sense.
“I shoot porn the way I like to have sex and personally I’m a very vanilla person, so that’s why my porn is very vanilla. I don’t get off on being called a slut or whore, so I don’t have that in my videos. I don’t do that from a sense of moral or ethical superiority, I simply do that because it’s what I like.
“I have people asking me, ‘Why haven’t you done a gangbang? I’m like, ‘I wouldn’t do that in my personal life, so I’m not going to do it in porn’. Because I own, direct and produce my own stuff, I can make that choice… which I am very happy about.”
For the full Harriet Sugarcookie video visit UNILAD’S official YouTube site at www.youtube.com.

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