Harriet Sugarcookie Releases Video Homage to Her Idol MyCherryCrush

Adult performer, cam model and website entrepreneur Harriet Sugarcookie is paying a heartfelt video tribute to her favorite adult performer, MyCherryCrush, in a new HarrietSugarcookie.com article, “My Cookie Crush: Tribute to Cam and Porn Legend MyCherryCrush”.
“Without MyCherryCrush, there’s no Harriet Sugarcookie,” the British-born Asian teen queen writes of the cotton candy-haired anime character come to life of her eponymous website, MyCherryCrush.com. “It’s not just that she doesn’t look like anyone else. I love how she does everything on her own terms. She’s her own person. Her own boss.”
In addition, Sugarcookie is selling her very own undies to the highest bidder for charity. “I’ve never sold panties before. This is the only pair. So I will be donating the money to charity. The charity will be selected by MyCherryCrush or by the winner if Cherry hates this!”
To enter, fans need only submit their bid to Sugarcookie’s contact form in the blind auction, a winner will be announced at the end of March.
Sugarcookie launched her award-winning adult lifestyle site – ‘Playboy for Geeks’ – mixing her personal blog musings with advice columns, celebrity gossip, informative articles, favorite recipes and NSFW clips to a create an engaging mix of stimulating entertainment straight from Sugarcookie herself.
By following the MyCherryCrush blueprint, but adding her own personal interests, Sugarcookie has quickly become one of the UK’s leading adult websites, with monthly traffic regularly topping over 300,000 visitors.
Sugarcookie is grateful for MyCherryCrush’s inspiration. “She showed me that you don’t need to get into the adult business the conventional way. You can just do everything the way you want to do it.”
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