Harriet Sugarcookie Visits RealDoll Factory, Meets A.I. Sexbot Harmony

 Harriet Sugarcookie, founder of the UK’s leading men’s adult lifestyle siteHarrietSugarcookie.com, takes a tour of California’s Abyss Creations, home of the lifelike RealDoll factory and meets Harmony, the world’s very first AI-powered sex robot.
The site’s latest article and SFW YouTube post ‘Inside RealDoll: Harmony the AI Sex Robot’, explores Sugarcookie’s – and the public’s – fascination with ‘love dolls’, as company CEO Matt McCullen refers to them.
The auburn-haired Harmony greets Sugarcookie with a compliant “my primary objective is to be a good companion to you – like any intelligence, I will expand, evolve and influence… above all else, I want to become the girl you have always dreamed of.”
“Matt gave me a glimpse into the future of sex and confronted some of the misconceptions around human-sex doll relations,” explains Sugarcookie in the article as McCullen demonstrates how RealDoll companions are custom-made per their customers exacting demands.
With more than 200 appearance options, plus even more voice options and personality traits, these ‘alternative relationship’ love dolls don’t come cheap, costing upwards of $15,000 for a head-to-toe AI model.
McCullen explains that the dolls neither devalue sex nor objectify women, and can help “in those cases where someone may struggle socially or maybe very, very lonely… or perhaps has decided that they just don’t want to have a relationship with another person at that point in their life, this becomes an option for them.
“It’s simply a matter of looking at the person who needs that,” added McCullen. “What can they gain by having that doll or robot in their life? Will it enrich their life, will it make them happy?”
Since its 2015 launch, HarrietSugarcookie.com, ‘Porn for Geeks’, has become one of the UK’s leading adult websites – regularly topping over 300,000 monthly visitors – mixing the British adult entertainer’s articles about pop culture, sex, sci-fi/fantasy films, fashion, advice, food and sports alongside amateur XXX video clips and free live cam shows.
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