Head With Wings share video for stunning new track Goodbye Sky


Head With Wings have premiered their video for new track Goodbye Sky exclusively with Prog.

The song will feature on the duo of Joshua Corum and Brandon Cousino’s debut album From Worry To Shame, which is set to arrive on June 1.

The concept album is centred around a troubled school teacher who loses his daughter in a school shooting.

Corum says: “On its own, Goodbye Sky can simply be seen as a reflection on what it means to unintentionally harm the people that we love amidst dealing with our own personal vices.

“What we learn across the album, however, is that there is typically more at play within one’s life and the society that they live in, that further aids in self-destruction.

“As the first track on the album, Goodbye Sky acts as chapter one from the narrative perspective, but as is the case with all of our songs, we want them to be able to stand on their own when removed from its conceptual home on the album.”

Corum adds: “For this video, we worked with Erez Bader, a talented filmmaker, previously out of North Carolina. He’s done videos for The Dear Hunter, Earthside, The Contortionist, Veil of Maya and Thomas Giles.”

1. Goodbye Sky
2. Somewhere, Something Gives
3. In Memoriam
4. Misanthropy
5. From Worry To Shame
6. Beyond The Wall
7. Stepping Stone
8. In Dark Motel Rooms
9. Treading Lightly

Source:  https://www.loudersound.com

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