Hot Drops First Adult NFT Sells For Over 11K Proving The Demand For Adult NFT Content

SACRAMENTO, California — Hot Drops, Inc. is proud to announce that its first NFT collectible card, featuring its CEO, Ashley Youdan (formerly Kendall Karson), sold to the highest bidder this past weekend for 3.2948 Ethereum, (which at the time of writing on

August 30, 2021) is equivalent to approximately $11,281.40.

“I am ecstatic that our first Hot Drop sold for such a substantial amount. It shows that the market for adult-content NFTs is going to be robust. The founding ethos of Hot Drops, is to empower adult Content Creators to be compensated fairly for their work,help Creators take control of their content without fear of censorship, and enable the potential for a consistent income source for Creators, even after they chose to retire, all while creating exceptional fan experiences. I am excited to be leading the adult industry into the exciting new world that blockchain and NFT technologies allow. The adult industry is always an early adopter of new technologies and smart contracts are opening the doors to creative content experiences that have not previously been available. This initial card from Hot Drops is just the first step in a series of exciting announcements and developments, you’ll be seeing from us in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for more,” said Youdan.


This digital collectible is an exclusive Hot Drop that is one-of-a-kind and no other copy of it will ever be available anywhere else. In the future, Hot Drops will be releasing limited edition NFT collections in larger series sizes. Hot Drops’ digital collectibles will enable Content Creators to authenticate their content to prevent piracy and impersonation, monetize their content in creative new ways, establish lifetime royalties for Content Creators, avoid the censorship on other platforms, and give fans the opportunity to make money from owning adult content for the first time in its secondary marketplace. The Hot Drops Marketplace, which will be added soon, will allow fans to buy and sell these limited-edition items. Hot Drops will be releasing different collectible series of content and cards, further incentivizing fans to buy the entire collection, in order to earn unique rewards.


In the coming days, Hot Drops will announce its initial roster of Content Creators, consisting of some of the biggest stars in the adult industry. The Hot Drops platform will revolutionize the way that adult Content Creators are compensated and how fans interact with adult content.




Hot Drops is a decentralized NSFW platform that empowers adult content creators using blockchain technology. Hot Drops allows adult content creators to release limited edition and exclusive pieces of content to their fans, while retaining lifetime royalties on future resales.


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Photo credit for the Kendall Karson NFT: world-renowned Ryan Dwyer.


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