Iron Maiden Release Browser-Based ‘Speed of Light’ Video Game



Iron Maiden‘s video game-themed video for new single “Speed of Light” now has a video game of its own.

The browser-based game, which is hosted at the band’s site, puts the player in control of beloved Maiden mascot Eddie — and includes helpful links for watching the “Speed of Light” video and pre-order their upcoming Book of Souls double album.

As previously reported, the “Speed of Light” video sends Eddie on something of a tour through video-game history, dropping him into familiar gaming genres like the scrolling fighter, first-person shooter and adventure quest. In an interview with Metal Hammer, director Llexi Leon said the experience proved a thrilling — albeit somewhat stressful — opportunity to pay tribute to decades of success.

“It seemed a perfect fit – 40 years of metal explored alongside four decades of video games,” explained Leon. “I figured it was Iron Maiden so I had to pull it off – and it had to be the best thing I’ve ever done. The video is littered with nods to Iron Maiden artwork – whether it’s the poses of the characters at certain key moments, or imagery woven into the background art. There’s a lot to look out for in the video.”

The director, of course, was among the first to play the “Speed of Light” game, and as soon as you manage to sneak away from your boss’s prying eyes today, you can take a shot at beating Leon’s high score:



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