Is that Granger Smith Calling You?



I hope Granger Smith‘s phone battery is at 100 percent. Because he’s about to make a whole lot of outgoing calls.

His new album When the Good Guys Win is out now, and Smith thinks he ought to thank the fans who buy it. On Instagram on Friday morning (Oct. 27), Smith posted a video message to his fans, friends and followers. “I know that not everybody buys records anymore, that’s a thing of the past. But for the people that do, I want to say thank you for that commitment. Every single person that buys this album the first week, I’m gonna personally call you. Because that’s how much you mean to me,” Smith promises.

Anyone who pre-ordered the album or goes to a store to buy it through Nov. 3 can expect a call. Just be ready to upload your receipt as your proof of purchase.

“With the album evolving this way on the road, country fairs, parking lots, green rooms and hotel lobbies, it truly reflects the source of the inspiration: the fans. Without knowing it, my fans were involved in every step of this project and I believe they will hear that through the music. Looking back, I don’t think there could have been a better way to do it,” he said of the new collection of songs that were written while Smith was on the road.

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