John Fogerty Compares Treatment of Today’s Soldiers to Vietnam Veterans


Brad Paisley is making waves in country music with his new album Love and Warwhich features a vast array of collaborations from the likes of legendary country songwriter Bill Anderson to acclaimed pop producer Timbaland and rock gods Mick Jagger and John Fogerty.

It is the latter of these acts who collaborated with Paisley on a particularly special song, the album’s title track, that shines a light on the stressors of war and the nation’s treatment of our veterans. Fogerty, a former member of the military, calls being a part of the song an “honor,” seeing as he feels a personal connection to veterans of the Vietnam War. The legendary singer draws comparisons from the angry responses to the controversial war to today.

“Unfortunately that’s true,” Fogerty admits to Taste of Country about how the treatment of military vets hasn’t changed much since the Vietnam days. “If anything, perhaps people are more aware or thoughtful of the veterans that have come home from current wars. Back in the ’60s, they weren’t treated very well, noticeably.”


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