Jurassic Park’-Themed ‘Half-Life 2’ Mod Becomes Standalone Game to be Released Later This Year


So, you’re waiting to hear more about Universal’s rumoured Jurassic World Aftermath, but you still want in on some dino slaying? Lucky for you, BUTANe, the team behind the Half-Life 2 mod Jurassic Life, dropped a big update recently, stating that the mod will now be a standalone game.

“You won’t need HL2 at all for the game to work,” explains the team. “We wish to let you know that JURASSIC LIFE now only requires SOURCE SDK 2013, which is free and obtainable on Steam.” While the game won’t be released until later this year, BUTANe have put together a “training video” that introduces the game’s weapons, animals and voice actors.

You play as Robert Muldoon (pre raptor food, mind you), and you have been chosen by International Genetic Technologies. Inc or InGen for short, for a “wonderful opportunity.” You are now a Park Ranger for a little something called Jurassic Park, and you’ve got some maintenance to do. You can guess what that entails.

Also, the team has stressed that this project is a non-profit fan-game that is “not intended for commercial use.” Whether or not Universal buys that remains to be seen, but until then, fingers crossed.

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