Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Madballs Easter Egg in ‘Ready Player One’!


Freddy, Christine and the Madballs, all in one movie?!

When the trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One hit out of Comic-Con last month, I was pleasantly shocked to discover that Freddy Krueger makes a cameo appearance in the film. Yes, Freddy in a freakin’ Spielberg movie! It was later pointed out to me that Christine, the titular car from Stephen King’s novel and John Carpenter’s film, is also in there.

Like the novel, Ready Player One is going to be loaded with Easter eggs and nostalgic references to the past, and we’ve just learned that awesome ’80s toy line Madballs is even going to be represented in the movie!

The official Madballs Facebook page noted the other day that “we even make a grossed-out appearance in the film,” sharing the Ready Player One trailer along with the caption. A fan of the page subsequently commented with a photo from the set, showing original Madballs character Screamin’ Meemie depicted as wall graffiti on the set!

So keep your eyes peeled when you see Ready Player One on March 30, 2018.

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