Kill of the Week: Sucked Down the Drain in ‘Amityville: It’s About Time’



There’s no denying that the Amityville Horror franchise isn’t exactly home to the best horror films. Aside from the original classic, the first sequel, and maybe the 2005 remake, most horror fans don’t even pay any attention to the series. There were eight (official) installments from 1979 to 1996. And not even half of them are worth watching.

Believe me. I’ve sat through them all.

By the time the ’90s came around, the Amityville Horror franchise was very much dead in the water, with seemingly no chance of ever redeeming itself. The villainous house was destroyed in part 3 (WHAT? WHY?!), and the franchise was at an all-time low, requiring nothing short of a miracle to keep it going.

Shockingly, however, sixth installment Amityville: It’s About Time, released in 1992 and directed by Tony Randel (Hellraiser 2), is something of an undiscovered franchise gem.

The ambitious plot centers on Jake Sterling (Stephen Macht), an architect who returns home from a trip to Amityville with an antique clock. As it turns out, this clock, taken from the rubble of the infamous Ocean Avenue house, was the true source of evil in that home… just as it becomes a source of horrifying evil in the Sterling home.

Yes, the movie is literally ABOUT TIME. Get it?!

Not only does It’s About Time build upon the franchise’s mythology, tying all the horror to a 15th century French necromancer, but it’s also just plain fun. The gory slice of ’90s horror delivers some truly unforgettable scenes brought to life with incredible practical effects, notably the death of a horny young man who literally gets sucked down a storm drain.

The man’s girlfriend, possessed by the evil of the Amityville clock, seduces him with the promise of sex, but some nasty black goo comes up from a drain in the floor and crashes the party. Just as he’s seemingly about to get what he desires most, the unlucky dude is sucked down into the drain by the evil goo, which twists and contorts him into a body-horror nightmare – his head is gruesomely sucked down last.

This movie is just begging for a cult fanbase.


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