KUBA Ka & Flava Flav Record A Duet Video Exclusive Report


The Emmreport {www.emmreport.com }  and Photomundo International Entertainment {http://www.photomundo.gallerama.com} present this exclusive Video report inside the studio with Flava Fla and Kuba Ka. In Hollywood, it’s extremely rare to find a Polish superstar fighting for his dreams in the Entertainment Industry in the United States. Say Hello to Kuba Ka,   It’s been a long journey for KUBA since leaving he Poland for the Bright lights of Hollywood.  Initially discovered in Los Angeles by Michael Jackson’s manager, Frank Dileo, { who signed him as the first artist after Michael} Upon Michael untimely passing, Kuba’s career took a different direction, and he continues  to forge ahead and find success even after losing his “dream manager”. Known as “Stage Animal” , nothing stops this entertainer,{ chosen by the some of the industry’s biggest entertainment creators, including:  Laurieann Gibson, known for her discovery and creative architecture of Lady Gaga,  and Sean Garrett, creator of the sounds of Nicky Minaj and Usher, both now in charge  of making the next superstar – KUBA Ka. The musical chemistry that Sean Garrett and Kuba have created is already generating buzz. “Laurieann can see my heart and we share the same vision. We are building an epic entertainment experience  that has been a dream of mine for a very long time.” Explains Kuba Ka. Earlier this year, he recorded a duet with close friend Flavor Flav, which will premiere after Christmas. Watch out for “COME TO AMERICA” which is the story of KUBA Ka…and his new single with Sean will be released early next year. Follow Kuba Ka on twitter@Kuba_Ka, web site: www.kuba-ka.com  Flava Flav on twitter@FlavorFlav,


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