Live at The Chapel in San Francisco


Just when you may have fatefully assumed that the wildly inappropriate SEX WITH EUGENE was restricted to the confines of, we offer you for the first time ever an evening of intelligent and wildly inappropriate conversation with OZY’s Editor-at-Large Eugene S. Robinson. Part variety show, part paneled talk show, part Q&A, this live event will get to the heart of your sex struggles and your sexy struggles just in time for Valentine’s Day.

OZY is something that doesn’t just happen on a phone or a laptop screen. It lives beyond the confines of its digital framework and is very much informed by real people with real interests in real spaces.

And its signature sex and love advice column, SEX WITH EUGENE, written and conceived by OZY Editor-at-Large and bon vivant Eugene S. Robinson embodies that ethos with the first ever live event.

Andre Shakti is a queer porn performer, activist, and journalist whose work has appeared in Cosmo, Rewire, Thrillist, MEL, and Vice.
Jennifer Lo>
Allan MacDonell: author of Punk Elegies and Prisoner of X, a tome detailing his 20 years as executive editor at Hustler.
Fauxnique: you ever win Trannyshack? As a female impersonator? Or as a female-female impersonator? Well, Fauxnique has.
Bruce Lamont: Our Paul Schafer, the one-man-house band. Bruce’s work with his band Yakuza, his side project with Scott Kelly from Neurosis, Brain Tentacles, or his crazy post-modern take on money making with Led Zeppelin 2, makes him and his sax the perfect fit for doing the musical honors.
And finally Salvatore Russo, SkullGame’s ITALIAN SAL, as our very own Ed McMahon.
Doors open at 7. Show starts at 8 pm sharp. TICKETS are LIMITED so please pre-order: or Email

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