LLOYD KAUFMAN interview on the set of GIRLS and CORPSES Magazine Cover shoot-Part 1


TROMA films, legend LLOYD KAUFMAN speaks to Robert “Corpsy” Rhine on the set of Girls and Corpses Magazine cover shoot for Issue 27- Volume 6 WINTER Medical Malpractice issue. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview, follow him on twitter @lloydkaufman, website: www.lloydkaufman.com .This issue is their deadest yet and cuts like a scalpel into the guts of comedy/horror with an exclusive flailing of TROMA films legend LLOYD KAUFMAN. Other frightening Highlights include 3 INSANE photo spreads! Pinup Model MISS MOSH lobotomizes LLOYD KAUFMAN; Scream Queen ELISSA DOWLING, seXXXy nurse RAVEN BAY and DR. CORPSY in Fetus Freaks; JACQUI HOLLAND resuscitates MICHAEL ALAIMO; “Dear God No!” director JAMES BICKERT; Death Rapper Mr. HYDE; Placenta Recipes; SNOW MERCY; Tatt artist King Mike VHouse with 100 Eyes; How To Do Your Own Autopsy; Amputease; Grind-house-Gore-Fest and more! This winter issue is cooler than a Corpsicle in an Eskimo’s ass. For more info on Girls and Corpses, follow them on Twitter@girlsncorpses, their site: http://girlsandcorpses.com/  Don’t miss all our awesome reports from ths special report, simply search using keyword: corpses  Don’t miss all our awesome reports from this special report,{and many more}, go to www.emmreport.com , search using keyword: corpses



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