Love Ranch-Vegas Legal Brothel Seeks Britney Spears “Lookalike” To Satisfy Customer Demand!!!


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Love Ranch-Vegas Legal Brothel Seeks Britney Spears “Lookalike” to Satisfy Customer Demand!!!

To satisfy the enormous number of requests from Las Vegas tourists seeking a sexual experience with a prostitute who looks like Britney Spears, the Love Ranch-Vegas legal brothel is putting out a call to find a sex worker who is a dead ringer for the popular entertainer.

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch-Vegas ( reports that the enormous popularity of Spears’ Las Vegas “Piece of Me” residency show has caused a massive influx of requests from potential clients trying to get their own “piece” of Britney, or at least a close approximation of the pop star. Brothel owner Dennis Hof says that a Britney Spears sex fantasy is so common a request from Las Vegas sex tourists that he can no longer ignore their desires.

“Men, women, and couples will go to Britney’s show, get turned-on, and then they’ll call us expecting the Love Ranch-Vegas to have an X-rated experience to go along with the event,”  Hof said. “Customers expect the Love Ranch-Vegas to provide hands-on parody packages along the lines of a ‘Britney Spears Sex Adventure,’ and I’ve decided that we should.”

Hof attributes the increasing inquiries about a Britney Spears prostitute lookalike not only to the runaway success of her Vegas show, but also to the fact that a lot of people who were teenagers and college-age in 1999 when Spears released her sexy “…Baby One More Time” video, are now working adults with money to spend and a Spears-inspired sex drive to satiate.

“The 90’s video with Britney wearing a salacious schoolgirl outfit left an indelible mark in the sexual minds of many people from that generation,” Hof said. “Spears single-handedly reinvigorated schoolgirl role-play overnight, and that was only the start. Her significance as a sexual influencer cannot be ignored.”

“People want to have their way with their very own Britney, and they’re asking me to provide her for them in the legal and safe environment of my brothel.”

Hof says that he will personally audition candidates in January and February of 2017, and that the most important attributes he’s looking for are a likeness to Spears, and a nonjudgmental attitude toward her fans’ particular sexual proclivities.

“The working girl would have to be open to portraying a lot of different personas, just like Spears, and satisfying a variety of fetishes,” said Hof. “Clients may have a thing for skin-tight PVC clothing a la ‘Oops…! I Did it Again,’ flight attendant role-play reimagining her ‘Toxic’ video, girl-on-girl make-out sessions, bondage, schoolgirls–Britney’s career really runs the gamut of naughty fun and the brothel lookalike must be prepared for every type of Spears-related XXX request.”

Hof said that an ability to sing is not a requirement for the prostitute.

“We can work around that,” he said.

Serious candidates can email for consideration.

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