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Today, Friday, March 5 marks the release date of Missed The Noise, the anticipated debut LP from Chiasm And John Fryer. It offers 11 bold tracks including the previously released singles “Away” and “Are You Okay?”—the latter playing directly into the current landscape amidst COVID-19, racial tensions and economic distress with a poignant “check-in” for listeners, and to let them know they are not alone. Missed The Noise comes on the heels of a busy 2020 for Chiasm, which saw her release the Away EP in June and a remix EP in August, which also featured John Fryer and contributions from label mates Stabbing Westward and Jean-Marc Lederman (Front 242/The Leathermen). Order the album here.
Suicide Queen was recently featured in this spotlight in MetalSucks
“It’s been fun to watch the resurgence of industrial metal over the past few years. Fueled by the confluence of renewed interest in goth culture and the rise of dark synthwave, there’s no question there’s been a groundswell in support for the industrial metal reboot. Aside from 3Teeth, though, there haven’t been any acts solely trafficking in the retro style to really break through (genre-melders like Ghostmane who bring in a more modern aesthetic don’t qualify), leaving me to wonder: is this movement for real, or just a cult phenomenon? Can Suicide Queen be that one band to push through and make it real? I don’t see why not.” Keep reading here…
COP International Records is pleased to welcome these new artists to the label family.


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