Maren Morris: How to Succeed in 11 Easy Steps


When one of Maren Morris‘ followers asked the highly acclaimed singer-songwriter for a little career advice — “Any tips for writers and singers planning a move there ready to work for a career like yours?” — she actually got an entire paragraph of career advice.

Morris took the time to share 11 very real tips for what to do and what not to do, including virtues from patience, to listening, to learning, to finding your tribe.

1. Be patient
2. Lose your ego
3. Be friendly
4. But not aggressive
5. Find your tribe
6. Listen
7. Learn from the best
8. Go to writers’ rounds
9. Go to meetings
10. Hole up and figure out why your favorite songs are your favorite songs
11. Wait

In addition to being a social media career counselor to country hopefuls, Morris was recently named honorary chairwoman to the Texas Music Project, the music education nonprofit that strives to increase access to music education programs. Morris was part of the group’s Grammy Camp when she was a teenager still living in Texas.


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