Because Maren Morris is not about to just sit idly by while you outfit shame her.

When she posted a picture a few days ago, of herself in jean shorts and a plunging black halter body suit, she had a self-deprecating caption about her dog photo bombing the shot.

But some haters went to town on Morris, her body and her outfit. (That never ceases to amaze me, because I always wonder why people follow people they don’t like. Why, haters, why?)

So Morris posted again. And this time, she was not laughing. This post was all about the comments on the old post, with the suggestion that she deserved creepy sexual advances from men because of her clothing. “I realize I chose this career and I chose to put a picture on this platform, but choosing to illicit sex acts from wearing a bodysuit? No. That is what’s wrong with it all,” Morris wrote.

“I refuse to ever, EVER be ashamed of the body God gave me. I’m proud to be Irish, Native American, English… proud of my cellulite and proud of my strong back + arms. I worked my ass off on my body the last few months, and I’m proud to show that work. All day little girls + boys are measuring themselves against societal shame & fake photoshopped bodies on Instagram.

“So what I guess I’m saying is, I didn’t choose to be a role model for body-shaming, judgmental nobodies; I LOVE being a role model for kids and anyone who’s just trying to figure out how to love themselves every day. Screw the haters and eat your damn cheeseburger,” she said, adding some words to live by at the end with #StrongNotSkinny.

It was pretty damn remarkable. And even more inspiring was what everyone had to say on the matter.

Among the nearly 3,000 comments on the post — the overwhelming majority of which are positive and outfit affirming — were posts from her fellow country artists who rushed to Morris’ social media side to echo her sentiments.

Miranda Lambert said, “Girl I needed that today. And every day all we can do is be who we are #cheerstocheeseburgers.”

Danielle Bradbery simply added, “Preach.”
Jamie Lynn Spears gave her some good vibes with, “Bodysuit for the win.”

Another Jamie — O’Neal — sent her some you-do-you words of wisdom. “Gurllll keep doing your own thing! Wearing what YOU want, singing what YOU want and just being YOU! You’re a badass all the way,” she wrote.

Morgane Stapleton told Morris, “You always glow! A genuine, happy, strong, confident, beautiful woman!”
Lucie Silvas said, “Brilliantly said. I would eat that burger out of your hand and hug you afterwards for being the strongest woman in the world, and for being generous with your food.”

Erin Oprea, physical trainer to the Nashville stars, told her to be proud of the body she earned. “Hell yeah Maren!!! Love yourself and Love Life! You’ve worked so freakin hard for that body, so go show it off dude,” she said.

Bobby Bones joked, “Wore the same body suit today in your honor.”

And Wade Bowen weighed in with, “Nothing sexier than a woman with a cheeseburger. #justsayin#proudburgerbody”


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