Marilyn Manson addresses the death of Charles Manson on Twitter


Marilyn Manson has tweeted in response to the death of infamous criminal and cult leader Charles Manson.

Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Warner) created his stage name by combining Marilyn Monroe with Charles Manson, similar to his previous bandmates Madonna Wayne Gacy and Daisy Berkowitz, combining the names of glamorous celebrities with notorious criminals.

Following the new of Charles Manson’s death, Marilyn posted a tweet which included his cover of Sick City – originally released on Charles Manson’s 1970 album Lie: The Love and Terror Cult. The video was accompanied by a colourised version of the Lie album cover, a parody of Life magazine featuring Charles’ face.

Back in 2012, Charles Manson wrote a letter to Marilyn Manson from prison, although Marilyn did not respond.

Marilyn Manson – Sick City  via @YouTube


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