Marni Kinrys Explores the Pros and Cons of Dating in the Trump Era

Dating/relationship expert Marni Kinrys has witnessed the ups and downs of the dating scene as a ‘Wing Girl’ for many of her clients for nearly 15 years, but the hotbed of political division during the Trump era is, she says, “a whole new ballgame.”
“Our current touchy political climate in the dating scene is like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” says Kinrys. “Extreme overt opinions are 2018’s waterbed… something everyone is doing that could possibly be dangerous to you and others.”
While the heated debates rage on among liberals, conservatives and hardcore Trump fans, finding a soul mate has surprisingly become less complicated, according to Kinrys.
“The upside to this is that it’s making connections a hell of a lot easier… shared opinions, values and beliefs are the core foundations of any successful relationship, and this year’s waterbed is helping others connect faster and more easily.”
Kinrys and her Wing Girl Method have proven successful with thousands of men and women who have sought her services over the past 14 years, helping them build confidence, meet quality partners and upgrade their social skills for healthier long-term relationships.
“A lot of men and women have a hard time talking to other people, which can make connecting with someone more difficult, and that’s where I come in,” says Kinrys. “But if I can help two people meet and they both happen to love or hate Trump – because let’s be honest, there is no in-between – it’s amazing to watch them talk and talk and BOOM, a spark ignites.”
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