Michael Dougherty and Evan Gorski Cut Together the Ultimate Horror/Sci-fi Movie Mashup for 2020

“Nobody trusts anybody now and we’re all very tired.”

Creative people have a whole lot more free time on their hands right now than they normally do and the rest of us are benefiting from that. Case in point, Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat, Krampus, Godzilla: King of the Monsters) and editor Evan Gorski have joined forces for one hell of a genre movie mashup video this week.

Titled “Everything I Need to Know to Survive COVID-19 I Learned By Watching Sci-fi & Horror Movies,” the 3-minute supercut video cleverly brings together clips from various different genre films, specifically ones that eerily tie into what’s unfortunately going on across the world right now.

Films like Alien, World War Z, The Thing, I Am Legend, The Mist, Terminator, The Shining and Jaws are prominently featured in the video, with clips from them and other films perfectly strung together to reflect recent headlines, concerns and conversations. The horror and sci-fi genres, after all, have always been warning us about the worst. More importantly, they’ve been preparing us for it. And we can learn a whole lot of lessons from our favorite films.

We’re all in this together. Stay safe, stay inside, and watch more horror and sci-fi movies.

They just might save your life…

Source:  https://bloody-disgusting.com/

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