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 CM Films is proud to present Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, a movie that takes a look at how Walt Disney used technology to help shape our world and the future. Great Big BeautifulTomorrow has been called “the greatest documentary ever produced about Walt Disney” (The Epcot Legacy), and it is now available to watch for free.

Ahead of his time and our time, Walt Disney not only pioneered animated films and theme parks, but also electric-powered vehicles, robotics, surround sound technology, and even inspired the creation of NASA and the Air Force. Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow offers a rare glimpse at how this idealist became a futurist.

Based on the book “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: Walt Disney and Technology” (published by Theme Park Press), Great Big BeautifulTomorrow features interviews with Disney legends, Bob Gurr and Rolly Crump, as well as Disney historians, Jim Korkis, Sam Gennawey, and Dr. Maureen Furniss.

Today we live in a cynical, pessimistic world, and I believe we need Walt’s optimism more than ever. He believed not only that he and his team could build whatever he dreamed up, but that the human race could build a better world. I share that belief and want to help spread that ideal far and wide.” said director, Christian Moran.

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow is available to watch for free

The book, “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: Walt Disney and Technology” is available for purchase on Amazon:

CM Films produces documentary films and series that focus on creating a better world, such as “Ayahuasca Diary” (2009), “Everything Will Be Alright” (2014), and “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”, which has been called “the greatest documentary ever produced about Walt Disney” by The Epcot Legacy. For more information on CM Films

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