NEW VIDEO ALERT! The Nova Hawks “Redemption”

Watch HERE
New Album “Redemption” Out February 12 on Frontiers Music Srl
The Nova Hawks are a British blues rock n’ roll band centered around two supremely talented musicians in vocalist Heather Leoni and guitarist Rex Roulette. The music they are set to release on their debut album, “Redemption,” came about while writing between London, the West Midlands, New York, and Los Angeles. “Remdemption” will be released February 12th.
Today the band has released the video for the album’s title track. Watch it HERE:
Look out for the bands stomping blues-rock debut, “Redemption” on February 12, 2021.
1. Voodoo
2. Redemption
3. Dusty Heart
4. Witxh
5. Technicolor
6. Pills
7. Run Wild
8. Locked Inside
9. Greed Or Glory
10. Love Games (Tuesday’s Blues)
Heather Leoni and Rex Whitehall
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